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Welcome word

We say that Europe lives in the longest time period of peace in history. Have we forgotten do look at the east? Since 2013, over 10 thousand people, of which over 3 thousand civilians, lost their lives. Several national and international law-breaches were spotted. Country’s economy suffered giant damages and thousands of people were displaced. Is the war in Ukraine so-called “peace”?

Therefore, we decided to prepare a special committee for ZAMUN 2019. It is called The Joint Crisis Committee and is not comparable to any other traditional committees – and for the sole reason: it was formed to face only and exclusively this one issue and nothing else. This results in a unique structure: in this committee, the representatives of Ukraine, Russia and European Union will sit at the table and try to come up with the solution to the crisis, which has the world been struggling with for more than 5 years.

Maybe, we are really going to change the world - as the people not involved in the subject can come up with new, innovative ideas, which can be easily overseen by those who are dealing with this problem every day.

We are looking forward to fruitful debate during sessions, which will undoubtedly lead to a solid outcome and hope to see you during socializing activities in the evenings, as well.

Your Chairs

Lucia Furtáková
Michal Janko
Peter Nadanyi

Michal Janko (

ZAMUN 2018 Chair, MiniMUN 2018 Chair, MUNSC 2018 Salient Delegate, KAMUN 2017 Delegate, ZAMUN 2015, 2016 Delegate, MainMUN 2015 Delegate