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The protection of airspace is a basic condition to establish peaceful and demilitarized world, however several aircraft hijackings and devastating incidents  have occurred in international airspace recently. Therefore the international community needs to discuss and resolve this serious issue concerning security of passengers and professionals all over the world.

The most relevant place, where such an important discussion is supposed to be held is the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), whose fundamental objective is airspace security. ICAO is striving in close collaboration with the entire air transport community to improve further aviation performance and sustaining a maximum of capacity and efficiency.

In all of its  activities, ICAO strives to implement practical and achievable measures to improve safety and efficiency in all sectors of the air transportation system. This approach ensures that aviation complimentary achievements of a remarkably safe and efficient air transportation network continue to serve as a  fundamental service to support global social and economic priorities.

We are looking forward to you participating in ZAMUN ICAO committee, to achieve these vital goals and establish new airspace security rules in order to protect the very basic of our society – human lives.

Position papers to – icaozamun@gmail.com

Lucia PosluchováLucia Posluchová (Bilingual Grammar School, Žilina)

 MatúšMatúš Ďuraňa (Bilingual Grammar School Žilina)