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Most of us are lucky not to know how it is to be in a war, or how it is not to have food, shelter or basic human needs. In other words, we are used to peace, unable to imagine being without it. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about the Rohingya people.

In the outbreak of the 9th of October 2016 when Myanmar security forces started conducting what they referred to as "area clearance operations" where they claimed to have targeted militant Rohingya groups in the northern part of Rakhine State, a crisis has emerged. A conflict took an unexpected turn of ethnic cleansing and is still ongoing. The conflict has resulted in over 688 000 Rohingya refugees fleeing the country. On February 2017, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights published a report in which refugees told stories of gang rape, mass killings, and brutal beatings. More than half of the women interviewed reported having been a victim of sexual violence.

The vast majority of the refugees fled to Bangladesh due to their effort to be secured from violence from Myanmar. As of the 11th of December 2018, an estimated 860 000 Rohingya are in refugee camps in Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh. There they are often confronted with inhumane conditions and at risk of dangerous deadly diseases that can make the situation drastically harder. These refugee camps are crowded and the situation in Bangladesh seems to be escalating into more and more difficulties, if not acted upon.

It will be our task to try to tackle the problem and to obtain a suitable resolution that would be able to help the people in need and secure the humanitarian aid for refugees in these camps. I look forward to a fruitful debate during sessions, and I hope that each of us will learn something new and get more knowledge about the problems all around the world.

Samuel Nguyen (

TOMUN (chair, delegate), ZAMUN (underchair, delegate), BratMUN (delegate), MEP (3x delegate), Model European Council (delegate)