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Arrival date - 27. March 2019

Departure day - 30. March (or later) Please mind that the conference finishes at about 15:00

Basic fee - 25€ (3xlunch, coffee breaks, kit, materials)
Faculty Advisors - 10€ (3x lunch, coffee breaks, materials)
If necessary, we can provide a 60€ discount from conference fees per school (application needed).

Accommodation - partner hotels (hotels starting 25€/night with breakfast) or host families (limited offer for foreign delegations)

Full delegation support guaranteed.


Dear MUN Director/Delegation Managers,

we look forward to each and every delegation participating the ZAMUN 2019 conference. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our city and hope you will get an enriching educational experience.

See you soon in Žilina Model United Nations!

JANUARY: school will send their registrations and we will collect your individual registrations and allocate you to the committees

FEBRUARY: study guides will be published, free time preferences will be collected

MARCH: delegates will be asked to send their Policy Statements (for their committee and GA)

Transfers Vienna - Žilina:
Minibus for up to 15 people - 270 €
Minibus for up to 22 people - 310€
Minibus for up to 8 people - 228€

Organizing school:
Gymnázium bilingválne, T. Ružičku 3, Žilina, Slovakia

Registered schools and partners:
will be updated


Registered schools:

Amity Group of Schools, India
ELCJHL schools, Palestine
The British Club Language School, Magnitogorsk, Russia
Schildtin lukio, Jyväskylä, Finland
Rudolph-Brandes-Gymnasium Bad Salzuflen, Germany
Institut de la Providence, Belgium
Institut Maremar, Spain
Lycée Hubert Clément Esch, Luxembourg
Gymnasium 117 named after Lesia Ukrainka
Backangsgymnasiet, Sweden
ZS UMK Gimnazjum i Liceum Akademickie,Torun, Poland
Gymnázium Pavla Horova, Michalovce, Slovakia
Gymnázium Javorová 16, Spišská Nová Ves
Evanjelické gymnázium, Martin, Slovakia
Súkromné gymnázium, Žilina, Slovakia
Gymnázium Veľká okružná, Žilina, Slovakia
Bilingválne gymnázium Milana Hodžu v Sučanoch
Evangelical Lyceum Bratislava

Organizing school:
Gymnázium bilingválne, T. Ružičku 3, Žilina, Slovakia


It is with absolute pride and honor that I welcome you all to ZaMUN 2019. This year's welcome letter will be short.

I want to leave it to you, entirely up to you. I will leave it to you, to take a look at the conference and see it, not just as a fantastic traveling opportunity, but also as an exciting academic challenge. I will leave it to you, to see the magical chaos within the United Nations, and for you to see each world crises as an intricate puzzle that requires immense critical thinking. I will leave it to you, to comprehend how an interaction between a few diplomats and representatives can influence the lives of millions. I will leave it to you, to see how crucial it is for the youth, to start planning for a future that EVERYONE can look forward to. I will leave it to you, to inspire yourselves, with this conference and see your potential for the future.
I will leave it to you to seize this unique opportunity, and understand its value. I am incredibly thrilled and pleased to be a part of this journey with you.
I look forward to meeting you all and guiding you through this small but intense experience.
Kind regards,
Nastaran A.Motlagh (Secretary General)

Nastaran A.Motlagh

Friday ZAMUN

Saturday ZAMUN