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Exclusive concert only for the delegates of the conference. Enjoy authentic atmosphere of a classical Cafe in Žilina and many great songs performed by two outstanding young singers. Relaxing, joyful, full of energy – all in one – after a long conference day.


8€ (including concert and one non-alcoholic cocktail/coffee/tea) – !!! FREE FOR ALL DELEGATES!!!


– minimum of reservations is 20 to perform the concert, maximum is 50
– if you want to enjoy the concert you need a reservation – write an e-mail: tickets@zamun.sk with your name/names and event – we will confirm your reservation

– the concert will take place in a local cafe – you can enjoy also a good coffee, tea, soft drinks, cakes and great atmosphere
– starts on April 10th at 18:00 – before the official ZAMUN party

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