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Cambridge Analytica scandal and the US presidential elections, iCloud leaks of Holywood celebrities and your go-to Facebook/Instagram page for some dank memes have all something in common - They would very probably never be possible without the Internet. The fact that the Internet is embedded so much in our lives means that it is now not only a helpful tool or a source of entertainment but also an effective weapon. Hackers holding our data captive or political campaigning are only just the most common examples.

In 21st century conflicts and wars between major actors are seldom fought using conventional warfare, supported by the fact that the last conventional war US armed forces waged was Operation Desert Storm in the 90s. Asymmetric warfare such as Insurgencies in Iraq or Chinese/Russian hackers hacking foreign databases is on the rise, becoming the way to attack your enemies.

Will the Internet be the 21st-century theatre of war?

Jozef Mačák (jozef.macak22@gmail.com)

Bratmun (chair), Bimun (outstanding delegate), Katmun (honorable mention), Zamun (delegate manager), MEP, Winter Holiday Open, Prague Debate Spring